FG Dismisses President Trump Claim On COVID-19 Cure

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The PTF on COVID-19 has dismissed the claim by President Of The United States, Donald Trump on using hydroxychloroquine to prevent Coronavirus.

The director-general of NCDC, Chikwelugo and the health minister, Osagie Ehanire, on Tuesday, May 19 sent a strict warning to Nigerians, asking them not to listen to the claims of the US president on hydroxychloroquine.

The minister warned Nigerians against doing self-medication for Coronavirus.

Ehanire noted that PTF on COVID-19 is conducting a study and test on hydroxychloroquine to see its efficacy, but it hasn’t been approved for use as a treatment for Coronavirus.

“About hydroxychloroquine; first, we do not at any time and in any way support self-medication, and if you heard that any person is taking medication of any type, it is obviously something prescribed by his doctor,” Ehanire said

“There are medicines that generally shouldn’t be in your hands unless it was prescribed by a doctor. There are medicines called OTC, over the counter, you can buy it yourself, it can be panadol, aspirin, any kind of rubs, anything for cough. “

The NCDC DG also contributed that Nigerians should not concentrate more on what President Trump said but on what President Buhari said.

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