EXPOSED: Sabbath Woman Who Uses Humans As Scarifies And Grinds Babies (Photos)

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It has been happening right now in Agulu, Anambra State since yesterday, today, and will continue tomorrow…

Eyewitness reports;

“The woman in this picture is evil; she has killed so many innocent persons/souls both younger and older. She used the church as a cover-ups, and the name of the church is Sabbath.

“This story is happening in Agulu now. The woman has so many houses in her compound, and the rooms are full of charms and where she lives is where they use trees to build.

“One room is full of people pictures; some are written RIP at the back, and some have dates in the end like 2weeks and a day.

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“She confessed that at the entrances of her house is built with a baby of 3months. They found 3big molters, and she said she uses it to grind newborn babies.

“They found one big pot burning without a fire under it. It was a terrible something and an act of wickedness.

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“They ordered the youths not to beat her because she buried people alive, and the sister said she buried pregnant woman alive.

“This is all for now. More are coming.”

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