Federal Government Issues A Serious Warning To All Private Schools

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Federal Government issues a serious warning to all schools disregarding Government directives by opening schools in a way to make parents happy and collect their money.

They are by this notice told that they had been investigated by government officials.

Mr. Tumisang Thabela, the Permanent Secretary to the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education, also states that all schools, including private schools, are run by the Ministry, and they should not violate government orders on reopening of schools.

The Permanent Secretary stated this during Parliament Education Portfolio Committee yesterday, where lawmakers wanted to know about Knpwctics Group of Schools reported having invited their students on Monday for tested and screening them for Coronavirus without seeking for the Ministry’s approval.

 “The Ministry has the mandate to run all schools, including private schools, and we have some of the trusts who appear to behave like they do not really reports to the ministry,” said Perm-Sec Thabela.

“We are trying to correct that you will be aware that the Ministerial statement that was given three weeks ago was reading the riot act to them and reminding them that they belong to Zimbabwe and have to be controlled by the Ministry.

“There have been reports and I am hearing about Knowsticks Group of Schools for the first time and we will check with Manicaland province and find out how that happened.

“I am aware of some who actually started the second term in empty halls and were talking in emptiness so that they collect fees.

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“One of our greatest challenges is that these are for profit schools and depend on the parents’ contributions for profit and forgot to keep reserves for such times.

“As we get the information of such schools we go and check and this afternoon we have invited the association of trust schools to come and meet us and try to speak the same language.

“So wherever we have situations like Knowstics Group of Schools please bring them to us because they are definitely defying the minister and defying the Presidential decree that schools are still closed.

“We will find out from them why and which country is controlling them,” said Perm-Sec Thabela.

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Knowstics Group of Schools made headlines by inviting Form 4 and 6 students on Monday for Covid-19 testing and screening at a fee of US$50 and threatening students who fail to comply by denying them chance to sit for their final examinations.

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