Nigerian ‘pastor’ slumps, dies while preaching against money ritualists [VIDEO]

SHOCKING: Mother-In Law Poisoned Bride Few Days After Her Wedding

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The death of a beautiful young in South Africa has prompted many into questioning the essence of life and its vanities.

It is every woman’s dream to live a happy meaningful youthful life and get married to a man of her dreams and make her own family but jealousy, wickedness, and witchcraft will not make many people’s dream come true here in Africa.

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Esther (not real name) also had such a dream, after dating the man of her life for several years they decided to get married and grow a beautiful family together.

Due to the coronavirus epidemic, their wedding was brief but very beautiful and was soon the talk of town.

Esther’s dream, however, did not live to see the light of day as she died a few days after her wedding.

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Shockingly her Mother-in-law confessed to poisoning the beautiful young woman, simply because she didn’t want her son to marry her.

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