Buhari Has Failed Woefully Start Shopping For His Replacement Now – Olusegun

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Barr. Olusegun Bamgbose Esq. is the National Coordinator, concerned Advocates for Good Governance, CAGG has described President Buhari’s five years in the office as a failure.

This Lagos-based legal practitioner, Barrister Olusegun, has also called on  Nigerians to start shopping for Buhari’s replacement since his office lacks focus and ideas.

In his statement, he made available to the newsmen on Monday, the senior layer pointed out the present age of President Buhari, and this can contribute to the failure of the government.

His statements read, “The five years of Buhari as President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and if the truth must be told, he has not performed creditably well in terms of managing the economy.

“I’ll want to use the SECURE parameters to assess his five years as the number one citizen of Nigeria- S for Security.

“The primary responsibility of any responsible government is the Security of lives and properties. President Buhari has not fared well in securing the lives and features of the citizens.

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“He performed below average in this susceptible area. The Boko Haram invasion is yet to be defeated, whether technically or realistically.

“This is sad. Nigerians five years ago voted for Buhari with the belief that he being a former military leader, will have the capacity to nip in the bud the insurgency. Still, unfortunately, this was not to be.

“In this area, Buhari failed. E for Economy. In terms of economy, this government has not met with the yearnings of Nigerians. Poverty and hardship are the order of the day.

“There is no significant improvement in terms of economic growth. The government lacks what it takes to boost the economy. Unemployment has been on the increase.

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“Prices of goods are on the increase. In terms of the economy, Buhari scores below average. C for Corruption. There is no visible sign that the corruption level has decreased. The level of corruption is still very high.

“However, Buhari’s government can’t be said to be a total failure as some convictions have been recorded. One will, however, expect him to do more to tackle this high dreaded monster called corruption. U for unemployment.

“Buhari’s government has not impacted positively on creating job opportunities for the jobless. Notwithstanding the N-POWER introduced by the government.

“The rate of unemployment is still very high for Resources management. The simple truth is that there is no accountability in this government.

“The government has mismanaged the resources of this nation through ineptitude and corruption. The government has been resulting in borrowing to meet up with its obligations.

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“This is a clear sign that the government has failed to manage the resources at its disposal appropriately and judiciously. This is sad. E for Education. In terms of Education, the government has not fared well.

“The government has not been able to improve the educational standard to an expected level. Conclusively, one can say that Buhari has not impressed the majority of Nigerians.

“His government is marred with lack of ideas and focus. I think Nigerians should start shopping for Buhari’s replacement come 2023.

“It’s no doubt that age has massively contributed to the failure of this government, coupled with cabalism. It’s never too early to start checking the most suitable Nigerian to take over from Buhari. His ministers are weak.

“The nation will need to rise to the occasion. Buhari is not the expected messiah. He has failed Nigeria the second time. However, he still has three more years to prove the critics wrong.”

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