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Police Officer Who Killed George Flody Tried To Commit Suicide

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This is an update on the current state of Officer Derek, who kills an Africa American Man, and according to these, it seems he tried to commit suicide, seeing that the whole world is calling for his death.

Because of these, a camera is placed on his neck to monitor his actions while he is being locked up.

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A suicide watch protocol is always initiated when there are high risks for a criminal waiting for his trial to commit suicide if the pressure is too much.

The world has been reacting since the death of Floyd, and many Celebrities have taken to the streets to lead peaceful protests, which spells doom for George killer. People are also calling for more level of justice because they see the third-degree murder he was charged with as a merciful act.

A twitter user made a tweet on twitter saying, “George Floyd killer is trying to commit suicide, so he has been placed on suicide watch.”

More Americans reacted to the news, and below is there tweets:

Another user reacted and said, “Now the officer on suicide watch because he tried to kill himself? If he kills himself, I would be angry because it isn’t fair to snatch someone’s life away and choose to die your own way,” she added.

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