Young Lady Explains How Male Passenger Molested Her In A Bus From Akure To Abuja

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From Akure to Abuja: A Nigerian lady shares footage of a male passenger who practically molested her throughout the 4hrs drive

In light of recent rape encounters and allegations, A Nigerian lady has shared a video of her. She was sexually harassed by a male passenger on the same bus the boarded from the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, to Akure, Ondo State.

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The video that has gone viral on Social media shows the moment a man was lifting her dress to caress her bare thighs -According to the lady, the act lasted the whole trip of about 4hrs. Unknowingly to the sexual predator, the lady had a phone on record while he touched her without any given consent in a public bus where other passengers were on board.

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According to her story, she made attempts in ratting out the man when they were stopped at a military checkpoint, but she was shunned by the military personnel who discarded her claims even after seeing footage of the acts.

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