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Meet The First Nigerian Man who Imported Bulletproof Car In Nigeria

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Chief Samuel Ladoke Akintola, a celebrated politician was the first man to import a bulletproof car into Nigeria in the year 1964. The carmaker was a Mercedes Benz worth 8000Euros.

Chief Akintola is a well-known man and has been described as a political strategists and an orator of notes, who rubbed shoulders with the Cicero of Esoke, late Chief Bola and Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe.

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Akintola was a great politician who was the founding member of modern Nigeria and the 13th Aare One kankanfo XIII of Yoruba, a highly revered traditional title in Yoruba land.

He was popularly known as S.L.A and was born on July 6, 1910, in Ogbomosho area of Oyo state. He and his mother Akanke was a Baptist Lay Preacher, a Yoruba Fundamentalist and an Attorney.

Chief Akintola worked as a railway worker, school teacher and humorous scholar with enviable brilliance. He branched into journalism when he joined the Nigerian Daily Service Newspaper in 1942, from where he rose steadily to become the Editor.

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He founded “Iroyin Yoruba,” a newspaper written in the Yoruba language.

Two years after he imported the country’s first bulletproof car, Akintola was assassinated in Ibadan in Nigeria’s first military coup of January 15, 1966, which terminated the First Republic.

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