Why I Chose Buhari’s Son, Yusuf As Man 2023 Running Mate – Bambose

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The National Coordinator, Concerned Advocates for Governance, CAGG, Barrister Olusegun Bamgbose, Esq has declared his interest in contesting for 2023 presidency using Buhari’s son, Yusuf as his running mate.

Bamgbose in a statement he signed on Friday officially declared his interest to run for the post of the president of the federal republic, he also spoke on having Buhari’s son as his running mate.

It has generated a lot of controversies as many have kept saying that Yusuf Buhari is not matured yet to handle such a position as the vice president of the biggest black nation.

Bamgbose said such critics lack the knowledge of history and current trends in global politics.

“How old was Joseph (Yusuf) in the Bible when he became a Prime Minister of Egypt? He was only 30 years, yet he ruled well and was able to deliver Egypt when they were in famine.

“When Gowon was Head of State, he was 32 years old. He ruled Nigeria for nine years, fought the civil war to keep Nigerians unity at 33, and succeeded in making Nigeria one nation.

“Gowon also established NYSC that has been sustained today. The economy was doing well during his regime. The Bible recorded that Josiah was just 7 years when he became a king, and he also ruled well.

“Emmanuel Macron is 42, and he’s still ruling well. The issue is not all about maturity, but it’s all about having a mission to accomplish.

“Gowon was a very young man when he took over, he is a Christian and came from the minority, but because he has a mission, he turned obstacles into opportunities.

“We can’t rule out maturity and experience when it comes to governance, but the basic things that distinguish a great leader are Vision, Integrity, and Passion.

“There is no leader in the world that has all the required pre-requisite to govern his domain; that is why they appoint Ministers, Special Assistants, and Special Advisers.

“Yusuf Buhari is not too young to handle the position of the next Vice President. He is well qualified. All he needs is to be willing to serve his fatherland with all integrity and passion.

“A leader who does not have integrity will be an instrument of disaster to his country. Our country needs young leaders who will move the nation forward. My passion to serve is indisputable

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