Nura Umaru: I Raped His Pregnant Wife Because He Killed My Cow

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A Nigerian man has been arrested after allegedly raping a pregnant woman in Ryom local government area of Plateau State.

86 persons were killed in Plateau state in revenge of cows that ...

The man identified as Nura Umaru confessed raping the woman because her husband killed his cow.

According to a report by InfoXclusiveMedia Team, Nura Umaru was arrested by the Anti-Kidnapping Unit of the Plateau State Police Command in Bauchi State, where he was hiding for four months.

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Explaining why he went to the extent of committing such a crime, the suspect revealed that the victim’s husband dared him when he killed his cow and made a vow to avenge the death of his cow.

“Yes, I Nura Umaru raped the pregnant woman because her husband offended me by killing one of my cows.

There was a day I took my cattle to graze in an empty field close to his farm, and he warned me never to come to the area to graze again.

I told him that I would not allow my cattle to enter into his farmland and pleaded with him to let me graze my cattle in peace as I did not want to have any problem with him or with anyone.

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But he kept harassing me, and I had to move my cattle away from the area. A few days later, I took my cattle out to graze, but I met the same man working on another of his farms, and he shouted at me that he had warned me never to come there again.

I shouted back at him, and he said he was going to deal with me and brought out his cutlass and slashed at one of my cows, killing it on the spot. I went after him, but he ran away, and I vowed to do something that will also hurt him.

I knew the man very well, and I also knew that his wife was pregnant at that time, so I vowed to rape her anytime I had the chance.

My chance came some weeks later when I saw the woman going to pluck some tomatoes one morning and luckily, she was alone, so I followed her to the farm and kidnapped her.

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I took her into the bush and raped her three times. She was begging me that she was pregnant, but I told her that her husband had killed my cow without mercy, so I would not have mercy on her.

She was bleeding while I was raping her, but I did not care. She was shedding the same blood my cow was shedding, so I did not bother about the blood.

When I was done, I told her to go and tell her husband what I did, not her. Then I escaped to my hometown in Bauchi State, where I have been hiding until the police came to arrest me.

My only regret is that the woman lost her baby, and she suffered for what her husband did, but I just had to avenge the death of my cow, which meant so much to me.”

Nura Umaru will reportedly face several charges in court which includes a charge for kidnapping, rape and second-degree murder of dead baby

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