Regina Daniel: I Dont Want To Give Birth To My Child In A Society Like Nigeria

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Regina Daniels, Wife of Billionaire Ned Nwoko, took to Instagram to react to the recent multiple rapes and brutal killing of young girls in Nigeria. According to the 20-year-old, she is scared to birth her child in a society full of inhumanity.



“These past few days have been extraordinarily saddening and depressing around the world. Police brutality and rape ??? ??

My heart is heavy beyond words; I don’t want to birth my child in a society like this …

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UWA OMOZOWA and TINA EZEKWE are the recent victims to the inhumanity! Will they be the last? The same men that are supposed to protect us are out here killing us and raping us ??? It’s heartbreaking.

These men in uniform have been taking lives and treating humans like animals.

My heart goes out to the families of these victims and to everyone who has experienced police brutality or rape and being reminded of the experience because of what’s going on right now, You will find peace and we will get justice.

We want justice for these beautiful souls; we want a better Nigeria.

We want to feel safe in a country we call home .”

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