Meet Ghanaian Young Girl Whose Skin Went From Black To White Naturally

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A Ghanaian girl named Enam indicates that she now helps to be able to fight the stigma that people suffer due to their condition, mentioning that it has not been a comfortable journey at all.

Throughout Enam’s life, she has had to put up with people steering at her strangely, avoiding any form of contact with her as though she had a contagious sickness like Coronavirus.

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Her words read, “People are always asking questions about my skin. They always stare at me, and there have been instances when community folks don’t want to board the same bus with you or have their kids befriend you because they think the condition is contagious.”

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My motivation is to keep inspiring people with vitiligo, coming up with ideas to eradicate the stigma attached to vitiligo, and learning new things.

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