A Powerful Islamic Prophet reveals what will befall Muslims Supporting The Establishment Of Yoruba Nation

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A well-known Islamic group, recognized by the general public as Jamaat Taawunil Muslimeen Islamic group, has issued a serious warning to all the Muslims who are directly and indirectly supporting the establishment of the Yoruba nation, saying they will not enter paradise.

The founder of the group made this strong comment during his lecture in the Ramadan program launched by the Lagos branch of the organization which was titled tribalism and its consequences.

He insisted in his word that a God-fearing person will not allow his/her country to be destroyed by agitators.

The cleric also said that no one should join in the agitation for the Yoruba Republic because the blood of those who are behind the agitation is full of tribalism.


On addressing the congregation, he quoted that ” Prophet Muhammed (SAW) has warned all Muslims to stay away from anything that can make them involved in tribalism, racism and whoever defies this order to join tribalism and racism will not enter paradise”.

 He also warned those agitating saying if they didn’t stop, the power of god shall befall them.

In the end, he urges all Nigerians to be praying for the peace and unity of Nigeria so that everyone will be living in peace

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