32 businesses you can start with little or no capital that will be giving you good money

Stop being idle, below are 32 businesses you can start with little capital that will be giving you good money

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Many Nigerians wish to dive into the business world but the biggest problem most always encounter is the problem of capital. And this is why I put up this article, this article is about businesses you can actually start with little or no capital.

1. Tea/coffee vendor

You need a trolley to hawk your drinks. The capital required is to shop for the trolley and therefore the beverages, but you’ll need to move from one place to a different one so as to form reasonable sales.

Alternatively, you’ll get a store during a hot spot in town.

2. snack counter retailer

What you are doing here is to retail snacks already prepared by other companies like UAC Foods. you would like a trolley to maneuver about and if you’re at the proper places, there’s every chance you’ll observe sales.

3. Plumbing services

If you’ve got the knowledge of putting in and repairing sinks, toilets, water pipes, etc. you’ll enter this business since homeowners usually have problems that need a plumber. Your investment is that the little tools needed for the work.

You can make piles during this business if you’re good to build contact with building contractors. you’ll get contracts worth millions to handle plumbing for buildings, companies, and more

4. Vulcanizing services

This is a simple business but you want to undergo training to be ready to roll in the hay. The equipment you would like mainly to try to to this business is that the tire pumping equipment, and you’ll fix yourself up at a roadside.

5. Electronics maintenance

You must undergo a period of coaching to try to do this job. you’ve got to rent a store where you repair DVD/VCD players. Also, you’ll repair all types of radios.. small-cap is required for this business.

6. Electrical maintenance

This also requires a period of coaching to master the trade. to start out the business, you want to rent a store and obtain the tools needed to hold out the repairs.

The business is about fixing electrical issues reception and general electrical services.

You can make a pile if you build contact with building engineers. you’ll get regular contracts to handle wiring or buildings, companies then on.

7. Refrigerator servicing

A period of coaching is required for this business. Though it doesn’t require much capital, you want to rent a store and buy tools that are necessary to try to do the work.

Your job is going to be to service the fridge and freezers.

8. painting

You must find out how to color houses before you’ll do that work. However, you are doing not need to rent a store at the start, just lollygag around a paint shop or rather leave your telephone number, they’re going to always contact you when someone needs your services.

When you make enough money, you’ll rent a store, do a card. you’ll make a pile once you have contracts to color buildings.

9. Car painting

This is a really lucrative business people don’t check out frequently. Every day, cars get scratched and everyone that. The owners want it painted to seem new.

In some states, once you buy a replacement car for a taxi or other transportation business, you’ll get to pant it to a selected color.

That is where a car painter is available. There are tons of cash to be made. I even have painted my car a few times and it cost tons. Guess what? my car painter has built his own house from this business!

You will get to learn the skill and obtain a painting machine and an area.

10. Photography/video recording

This business requires a period of coaching for you to try to do it well. It also requires you to shop for cameras, video cameras, s, and laptops.

To be known within the business and secure customers, you want to attend places that events are happening and eventually have your own shop. Those during this business easily survive, it’s recommended for males and feminine.

11. Motor mechanic

You may need an extended period of coaching and it’s a male-dominated business but women also are very successful in it. After the training, you would like to start to repair cars for your clients which you started knowing once you were an apprentice, eventually, you rent a workshop. you would like tools for your business, therefore the business doesn’t require much capital.

12. House cleaning

Some big people and corporations are trying to find house cleaners. No financial investment is required here, what it takes to try to do the work is to be strong. it’s not necessary to get on day to day, so it’s possible you’ll do two of the roles and obtain paid mainly on monthly basis.

You can recruit people to hitch you once you have plenty of clients.

13. Catering services

Some people do parties and wish someone to provide the food for the party. It requires you to purchase cooking utensils and make contacts and obtain information on those planning parties within the immediate future. Investment required here is that the amount it’ll cost you to form the meals required at the party.

If you cook for giant evens as wedding, company meetings, political banquets, and more, you’ll make tons f money.

Collaborate with event planners and you’ll always have jobs.

14. Phone charging business

Since not every area is furnished with electricity, the business opportunity is now created for you to charge peoples’ phones.

All you to try to do is to urge a little generator set, construct charging points, buy few chargers and you’re in business. confirm you promote your business around your base in order that people are going to be aware.

15. Networking business

This wont to be a really popular business in Nigeria but since tons of individuals lost huge sums of cash to MMM, the recognition of networking businesses is waning. what’s required during this business is to understand tons of individuals you’ll introduce into the business also as by the company’s products purchasable to your friends.

There are tons of networking businesses.

16. Babysitting/childcare business

Today’s mothers attend work and where to stay their young babies becomes a drag. So as a lady or man who has soft spot for babies, you’ll start this business and if you’re good to children, the sky is your limit.

You can begin with a neighborhood of your apartment if it’s spacious enough, then later rent a befitting home for the babies.

17. Pet care business

People who love and keep pets sometimes get away on holidays if this is often the case, it becomes a drag for the pets since they can’t be taken along on holidays. it’s a profitable business thus far you’ll promote your business-wide enough. It doesn’t require huge investment aside from space and animal feeds.

You can also look out for sick pets for a fee.

18. Low-income manpower supply business

Restaurant/Domestic workers are in great demand everywhere in big cities in Nigeria and fixing manpower recruitment companies, you’ll shovel in an honest fortune in no time. What it requires maybe a small space and mobile phones but it must be promoted widely for awareness.

19. Gardening services business

Lots of houses within the big cities are decorated with flowers and sometimes times they have a lawns/flower cutter who will keep the flower round the compound neat and clean. No capital is required except your expertise and you’re handsomely paid.

20. Sewing/sales of stitching accessories

For this business, you want to learn the trade before you’ll start it. you want to undergo a period of apprentice before you’ll begin accepting jobs from people. If you good are at sewing, you’ll grow quickly.

21. Event organizer party services

You can offer decorations, parking facilities, and general planning for people that want to host parties. In big cities, every weekend it’s happening somewhere in town and event organizers have tons of labor to try to do.

Apart from parties, other events like meetings, conferences workshops, etc., you’ll undertake to place things together for the hosts. you are doing not need very much capital but expertise.

22. Online content writing

This business doesn’t require much capital since what you would like is a piece of expert knowledge in a particular area, laptop, mobile, and access to the web. If you’re good, the roles will locate you and you’ll be rewarded accordingly.

Use websites like Upwork to seem for jobs.

23. Snail farming business

This is an easy and low-cost business to venture into. Though you would like to understand about snail farming to try to to this business you would like not such a lot money to start out it. and since snails lay eggs in hundreds, feeds on leaves and fruits, and don’t demand much of some time, it’s a business anybody can do.

24. Online Email marketing

This business requires you to possess an email list of blog subscribers to market certain products. it’s actually suitable for people that like to talk, write, explain and have the power to influence. It doesn’t require cash investment except for your talent.

25. Online Copywriting

There is no capital injection for this business but you want to be vast in writing advertising copy that’s meant to influence people to shop for products. So you want to have the power to write down sales copy which will sell products.

26. Online Freelance data entry business

These days many businesses collect a huge amount of knowledge like customer details, product details, research data, etc. These data are collected via various media, forums, surveys than on. These data got to be aggregated into one platform where you’ll study and analyze it. So a contract data entry personnel will perform the work and if he does well, can attract many rewards.

27. Graphic designer business

Quality graphics help to create the merchandise brand’s image into customer’s eyes, they create a long-lasting positive impression on people.

New products are launched a day and there’s a growing demand for graphics designers. to try to do the business, it’s assumed you’ve got the skill and you are doing not need to invest much money except your computer, mobile and internet access.

28. Whatsapp business

You can do that business by creating a lively group on Whatsapp and add members thereto. Then get links of products you would like to sell and paste them to the Whatsapp group. it’s going to even be your product.

If any member clicks on the link and buys the merchandise, you’ll be getting an honest amount of commission. So it doesn’t require capital except for your mobile and internet access.

29. YouTube channel

This is one among the simplest and even successful thanks to making money. it’s an open platform for those that create their own music content, video and publish them on the web, it can reach a targeted audience worldwide.

However, you want to be creative, in order that you’ll make children’s play, for instance, and publish on the web. It needs no investment intrinsically but your talent, and you create such a lot of money from this business.

30. Social media marketing

These days, billions of individuals spend most of their time on the web. The goal of social media marketing is to assist companies and businesses reach these people online.

You do not need any capital aside from knowledge.

31. MakeUp business

People, especially women can’t do without makeup lately. they have it to seem beautiful and more professional.

Some need it for business reasons like movies than on.

All you would like is skills and keenness for the work. It doesn’t cost much to start out.

32. Okrika business

This is one of the foremost trending business ideas in Nigeria because people will always have a need for clothes.

Okrika clothes are the foremost wanted among the center and class.

You don’t need much capital to start out. It all depends upon the size you would like to start out.

Among small profitable business ideas, this one here is extremely lucrative.


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