If you Are Using Your Toilet, Stop Doing These Things; Your Life May Be At Risk”- Doctor Warns

If you Are Using Your Toilet, Stop Doing These Things; Your Life May Be At Risk”- Doctor Warns

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In our recent news gatherings, there has been confusion among Nigerians that the rest room is the most advantageous to unwind and work one’s gadgets. This has for the most part been seen from encounters shared by Nigerian adolescents who regularly participate in this demonstration.

Following this, a Nigerian specialist who lives in the United States of America, who posted on his verified Twitter account as OurfavOnlinedoc (Funmilayo) has again revealed that our telephone has a larger number of germs than the latrine seat. He added that numerous individuals press their telephones for more than two hours in the latrine, put the telephones in their mouths at whatever point they need to tidy up and furthermore curve to take pictures before the mirror. Specialist Funmilayo said that this is the thing that prompts looseness of the bowels which many don’t take genuine.

Following the tweet, the US based specialist further focused on that any individual who is squeezed should simply go to the latrine, poo and come out right away. He closed by advising individuals not to send messages, read timetables or looking down the online media applications since they can prompt loose bowels in the event that you put that telephone in your mouth.

Consider some to be as individuals giggled at the specialist for offering this expression:

This is a counsel everybody needs to observe to try not to visit the clinical specialist consistently, nonstop and relentless Diarrhea can prompt demise. What’s your opinion on this?

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