US of attempting to wipe Russians off face of planet with new 'sex bomb' - President Putin

Russia-Ukraine war: 4 decisions Putin could take if Ukraine continues to hold their ground

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Reports have it that the advancement of the Russian troops in Ukraine is extremely sluggish, more slow than president Vladimir Putin expected, as the Ukrainian soldiers have refused surrender and have kept on battling.

That being said, defeat actually has all the earmarks of being unavoidable for Ukraine, as the sad truth is that the tougher they make it for the Russian troops, the more brutal orders Putin will offer to reprieve their opposition. Subsequently, we have expressed a few things we could see Putin do to accomplish triumph as well as to make a statement to NATO.

1) He could arrange an increment in aerial bombardment

Russia is in full control of the airspace in the conflict in Ukraine and has been bombing specific targets freely. Be that as it may, a disappointed Putin could arrange an increment in the pace of aerial bombardment, with more spotlight on the strongholds of the Ukrainian soldiers. That could scatter the Ukrainian soldiers from their defensive positions, making it more straightforward for their ground troops.

2) He could send in more troops

Russia has in excess of 1,000,000 soldiers and not every one of them are in Ukraine as of now. Assuming the Ukrainian soldiers keep on opposing, the Russian president could choose to send more troops to overpower them.

3) He could call for cyberattacks

A cyberattack on Ukrainian banks for example could cause chaos, as individuals will not have the option to pull out cash and that could prompt dissatisfactions and chaos which Ukraine can't bear right now.

4) He could take the battle to more populated areas

In spite of the fact that there have been a couple of regular citizen casualties, up until this point Russia has primarily besieged specific targets like structures that house military gear. In the event that they keep on holding their ground, he could arrange the bombings of targets in populated urban areas in other to build the quantity of non military personnel casualties. Doing that could compel Ukraine to surrender.

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