NATO Issues a stern warning to Russia - Details

NATO Issues a stern warning to Russia – Details

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Guard minister James Heappey has cautioned Russia that the use of chemical weapons has “triggered an international response” in the past.

Western authorities are worried that Vladimir Putin could mount such an attack as the Russian strategies become increasingly brutal.

Mr Heappey told BBC Radio 4’s Today program: “I don’t think it’s helpful to get into any firm commitment right now about where that red line sits, but I think President Putin needs to be very clear that when other countries have used chemical weapons it has caused an international response.

“I think he should reflect very urgently on what has happened to other countries where they have used them.”

He added: “President Putin needs to be clear that the use of chemical weapons is just the most despicable thing that anybody can imagine.

Armed forces minister James Heappey

“As horrid as the pictures we are seeing on our TV screens today of an artillery strike against a hospital (are), they are but nothing by comparison to the suffering and devastation that chemical weapons cause.”

A Western authority, who talked on state of obscurity, said: “We’re seeing some of the disinformation come out of Moscow about non-conventional weapons.

“We saw this in Syria, the Russians starting that talk when they or their proxies were about to use those weapons there.”

Inquired as to whether there are concerns that Russia
will use chemical weapons, they answered: “We have good reason to be concerned about the possible use of non conventional weapons.

“Partly because we’ve seen what has happened in other theatres, for example in Syria, partly because we see a bit of setting the scene for that in the false flag claims that are coming out, and some other indications as well.

“So it’s a serious concern for us.”

Russia-supported Syria was was repeatedly accused for involving chemical weapons in the nation’s bloody war, but Russia rejected a 2017 UN goal that would have investigated who was dependable.

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