War: Russia’s conditions to end hostilities unacceptable – Ukraine

War: Russia’s conditions to end hostilities unacceptable – Ukraine

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Ukraine has vowed not to surrender to what it portrays as ‘unacceptable’ conditions being advanced by Russia as best way to stop hostilities in the country.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister, Dmytro Kuleba, said his nation is holding out little expect for a negotiated settlement.

“There is little space for diplomacy in Putin’s mind,” he told a US policy forum.

“We have to keep the channel of diplomacy open,” while being aware of “the attempts of Russia to publicly manipulate this track.”

“We are talking, but Russia still puts forward demands which are unacceptable for us. We will not make any compromises on the existential issues for Ukraine,” he said.

A French official had before told CNN that Putin appeared still “determined to achieve his objectives in Ukraine”. This was after the French President, Emmanuel Macron had a telephone conversation with the Russian leader.

The Minister, however clarified that the removal of President Vladimir Putin as Russian president would be to the point of halting the conflict.

He was horrid about the consequences of the war, saying it will make Ukrainians hate Russia. “We will not forgive them for generations,” he said.

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