We have war tools, Russia will respond fast if anyone intervenes in Ukraine – Putin warns

Russia expelled from Council of Europe amid war with Ukraine

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The Council of Europe says it has removed Russia with prompt impact following 26 years of membership due to the Ukraine war.

The Committee of Ministers took the decision in an extraordinary meeting, the rights body declared in the French city of Strasbourg on Wednesday.

Prior, Russia had proactively announced its withdrawal from the Council of Europe after it had found a ways to exclude it.

On Tuesday evening, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe casted a ballot collectively for Russia’s removal.

Russia joined the Council of Europe on Feb. 28, 1996.

Along with the proper notice of the withdrawal, the Secretary-General of the Council of Europe likewise got information from the Russian Federation on Tuesday about its intention to denounce the European Convention on Human Rights.

In a statement on Tuesday evening, the heads of the Council of Europe condemned the Russian attack of Ukraine.

They communicated their fortitude with the Russian people, who keep on having a place with the European family and offer its qualities.

The body said it would keep on standing by Ukraine in the battle against the attacker.

The Council of Europe screens the recognition of human rights in its 46 part states and isn’t important for the European Union.

The body responded to the Russian intrusion of Ukraine fourteen days prior by suspending Russia’s participation, this decision was viewed as historic

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