Alleged blasphemy: What Buhari said about death of Sokoto student, Deborah

Alleged blasphemy: What Buhari said about death of Sokoto student, Deborah

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President Muhammadu Buhari has unequivocally condemned the retreat to self-help by the mob in Sokoto, which brought about violence, obliteration and killing of a second-year student of Shehu Shagari College of Education, Sokoto, Deborah Samuel.

She was asserted to have blasphemed against Prophet Muhammad (SAW), the Prophet of Islam on Thursday.

In any case, responding to the incident, President Buhari said the insight about the killing of the young woman by fellow students involved concern and requested an unbiased, broad investigation into all that occurred previously and during the incident.

The President noted that Muslims all around the world demand respect for the Holy Prophets, including Isah (Alaihissalaam, Jesus Christ) and Muhammad (SAW) yet where offenses happen, as claimed to be the situation in this example, the law doesn’t permit anybody to take matters into their hands.

Besides, religious leaders teach that it isn’t for the believer to pass judgment on the activities of someone else. The comprised authority should be permitted to manage such matters when they emerge.

“No person has the right to take the law in his or her own hands in this country. Violence has and never will solve any problem,” said the President.

President Buhari likewise directed the Ministries of Information and Culture, Police Affairs and of Communications and Digital Economy to work with GSM suppliers and tech organizations to help contain the spread of false and inflammatory information through social media.

The President stretched out the country’s sympathies to the family of the departed student and wished every one of those harmed a speedy recuperation. He praised the immediate reaction to the incident by the Government and encouraged religious and community leaders to point out citizens’ the need to mindfully practice the right to speak freely of discourse.

He called for altered remarks by the media and calm among everybody while investigation is ongoing.

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