2023 Presidency: This is what we will do for Labour Party - TUC

2023 Presidency: This is what we will do for Labour Party – TUC

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The Trade Union Congress (TUC) and Nigeria Labor Congress (NLC) have vowed to prepare workers to work to ensure that the Labour Party (LP) wins the next year’s presidential election.

LP’s triumph, they said would change current stories where bandits and terrorists have threatened to assume control over the country’s capital.

Chairman of the TUC in Cross River State, Comrade Monday Ogbodum, who talked at LP Sensitisation and Town Hall meeting held in Calabar, additionally emphasised that on because of how serious the assignment ahead is, they have decided to stop their earlier differences they had with the LP leadership and break all obstructions to accomplish their aim.

“We have sorted out earlier differences we had for the sake of achieving our aim. We are not leaving any vacuum.

“We’re partnering with mainstream LP to deliver Mr Peter Obi as next president of Nigeria. LP has to take over the federal government bin order to change the current narratives and save our federal capital which is under siege by bandits and terrorists, and also save the country from heightened insecurity.”

National Vice Chairman of LP, Prince Reuben Favor called for unity of purpose inside the party, charging them to visit all sections and guaranteed that all should work harder and begin.

He assured that unlike what individuals are talking about that there is no money in the party, that their presidential candidate Peter Obi is stingy, he disclosed that they are individuals who are thrifty with resources not at all like those that are wasteful and corrupt with national resources.

He said different parties will keep on committing mistakes, making their supporters and electorate to move away from them until LP emerges victorious.

“In LP, we are not wasteful but are frugal but our supporters and members will certainly smile. We are also very careful even as other parties are busy making costly mistakes.

“We urge our members to convene senatorial and chapter meetings as regularly as possible. We need many more groups which should be integrated into the mainstream LP”.

State director LP, Ambassador Ogar Osim said this is the ideal opportunity for Nigeria to be liberated from heightened insecurity, misgovernance, corruption and impunity.

“God will use LP to change the country for good. This is the first time something new and positive will happen in Nigeria. We are a positive force.”

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