Pastor hold virginity test on female members, issued certificate

Pastor hold virginity test on female members, issued certificate

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A South African church has awarded certificates to female members who passed the virginity test.

Stunning news from South Africa shows female church members getting certificates after effectively finishing a virginity test.

This was disclosed in South Africa’s Durban.

All female church members were exposed to a virginity test at the Nazareth Baptist Church in Durban, South Africa.

The female members were told to form a line outside the church. Church leaders could stroll around affirming every individual one by one.

The activity, which was done manually, was led by the church minister and other church leaders.

Female members who passed the test could be recognized from the rest by placing marks on their foreheads.

Every individual who passed the test, be that as it may, was given a certificate, as displayed in the pictures below.

The women couldn’t contain their happiness and could be seen smiling and expressing their excitement.

“I’m very happy to have passed the test; as a Christian serving God, you should be clean and fresh until the time of your wedding,” a graduate said as she received his certificate.

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