Members beat Nigerian pastor for using church money to buy car for his wife in South Africa

Why church members beat up Nigerian pastor in South Africa

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Churches in South Africa have become money making plans with pastors in some cases taking church money for their own personal use.

Sadly for one pastor who is from Nigerian things didn’t turn out so well for him. It is reported that the Pastor got a serious beating from his church members in Venda (Limpopo) for utilizing church’s money to purchase a car for his wife.

Pastor Johnson Adeleke made an error of utilizing the money that was in the church’s bank account to purchase a birthday present for his wife who’s not a member of the church.

Different reports suggested that his congregation got angry and some were speaking in tongues. At the point when the Pastor entered the church on Sunday, the circumstance deteriorated and wild.

The pastor was obviously beaten into a bloody mess and left looking as though he just awakened from the dead.

Lucky for him the police came and saved him. The Police in Venda are as of now investigating a case of assault with aim to cause substantial egregiously hurt.

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