War: Russia makes a new promise to Ukraine

War: Russia makes a new promise to Ukraine

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Russian military leaders have pledged to ensure the safety of grain exports from Ukrainian ports.

A representative of the Russian Defense Ministry, Mikhail Mizintsev, said Russia was taking to all vital lengths to guarantee the safety of regular citizens’ shipments as well as prevent provocations along the intersection course.

The first grain freighter starting from the beginning of the conflict in February had before left a Ukrainian port on Monday.

The freighter is supposed to be assessed in Istanbul late Tuesday, NAN reports.

Mizintsev said boats can depart the ports of Odessa, Chornomorsk and Yuzhny (Pivdennyi) everyday from 8 am to 7pm (0500-1600 GMT), adding that Russia had given a passageway 139 kilometers in length and three kilometers wide.

However, there was as still a risk of Ukrainian mines loosening up from their moorings along the coast and floating, he cautioned.

Ukraine mined the way to deal with the ports on account of the Russian invasion.

The fighting parties, Ukraine and Russia, had each separately signed an agreement with Turkey in Istanbul on July 22, mediated by the United Nations, to allow grain exports from Ukraine.

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