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2023: Peter Obi’s strategy to win election finally revealed

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Labour Party (LP) Chieftain Victor Umeh talks on Peter Obi, Labour Party’s Presidential Candidate’s Technique to win in the 2023 polls.

The Labour Party is energetic and confident that it will win the overall election in 2023 with Peter Obi as its presidential candidate, regardless of the broad analysis and cases that the party is deficient in structure.

Victor Umeh, one of the party’s chieftains, expressed that he is sure that supporters from the APC and PDP will vote for their candidate, Mr. Peter Obi.

Umeh expressed that the party has everything necessary to face the top parties and that they are terrified of Obi’s popularity.

As per Victor Umeh, a chieftain of the Labour Party, the camps of the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) are in disorder due to Peter Obi’s rising fame.

Umeh, who is running for the Senate as a candidate for the Work Party in the province of Anambra, uncovered this during his appearance on the morning show Sunrise Daily on Channels Television on September 14.

The leader of the Labour Party expressed his optimism that specific individuals from the opposition parties, the PDP and APC, will vote for Peter Obi in the forthcoming presidential election.

Umeh said: “I am aware that there are members of the PDP who will cast their votes for the Labour Party. I am aware that there are some members of the APC who plan on voting for the Labour Party. The mission of saving Nigeria is of the utmost importance, and most people do not have faith that it will be successful if it is carried out on any other platform.”

In the mean time, Umeh answered the promise made by the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) to turn out 12 million voters for Peter Obi in every one of Nigeria’s 774 local governments.

Umeh expressed that the NLC has the real structure important to get it going, and that this will give an open door to them to reinforce the union and end the prolonged suffering they have through because of past administrations.

Umeh commented this while at the same time answering to insults from the opposition party, which claim that the Labour Party doesn’t have a structure.

“People from the other party are currently in a state of terror. At first, they were making generalisations to the effect that the party is nothing important.

“Today, the Labour Party is their worst nightmare. Why has this happened? Is the Labour Party sharing money? The Labour Party is not sharing money.”

Umeh likewise uncovered the news that Peter Obi has not stepped back his consultative campaign to expand his possibilities winning the presidential election.

It ought to likewise be referenced that Obi’s consultation encompasses all regions of the nation and will without a doubt give great outcomes and impact.

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