Why I can't marry any human - Goddess of water

Why I can’t marry any human – Goddess of water

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A 26-year-old Ghanaian woman who was resident in Nigeria has uncovered she is the goddess of the sea in Nigeria.

The young woman, who likes to be recognized as Goddess of Water, claims she transforms into all types of creatures from the sea at night when she is separated from everyone else in her room.

In specifying how she turned into a ‘marine spirit’ in an interview with Arnold Mensah Elavanyoh, monitored by INFOXCLUSIVE, the fair looking woman claimed she was initiated into the marine world by her Nigerian spiritual husband.

“When I was seven years old, according to my parents, I went missing for about three days. They searched for me everywhere but found me around a water (name undisclosed). When they brought me back, I started behaving strangely. I started giving people directions about their lives…I never knew I was the goddess of the water, but it got to the point where when I sleep, I see myself going out. I saw myself in the water, dancing in the water, and from there, I got initiated and married in the water,” she told the host.

As per her, she is forbidden to have any relationship with a human on the grounds that such individual would die.

“My husband is a spirit being and the king of the water. He saw me spiritually, liked me and got married to me in the water. We have been married for 26 years spiritually. I am not allowed to have any relationship physically with another man because he is jealous husband. That man will die if I do that,” she claimed.

Wearing a long white dress, holding a white pigeon and a white etched horn, she added that she has three children in the Nigerian ocean with her spiritual husband.

“I have 3 kids with my husband in the sea. They are in spiritual form. They come to me but humans can’t see them. I’m a Ghanaian based in Nigeria. I met my spiritual husband in Nigeria; he’s a Nigerian…I’m a marine spirit.”

She at last repeated that it is a blessing for her family to have their daughter initiated into the marine world.

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