2023: Student Union Endorses Arc. Dr. Edward Nkwegu (OFR) (KSJI)

2023: How God prepared Edon to take over Ebonyi State

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God will settle Ebonyi people with Arc. Dr Edward Nkwegu as Governor of the state come 2023.

Ebonyi State from all indications at this stage of her history needs an Industrialist, a selfless, reliable, passionate, tested and honest leader, Arc. Dr Edward Nkwegu, Edon to turn around the economic fortunes of the state.

His economic transformation plans for Ebonyi state if elected as chief servant of the state, will focused on Repaid Industrialization, Agricultural Modernization, Infrastructural Enhancement, Mineral Development , sustainable jobs and all inclusive wealth Creation for the people.

He is always moved by the need to liberate Ebonyi people from hardship and other human imposed difficulties.

No wonder, while other wealthy individuals in the society are busy using security apparatus and other means to harass and intimidate their imaginary enemies, Edon chooses to invest in human development and peaceful co-existence of the people.

Dr. Edward Nkwegu achieved his greatness by dint of hard work and belong to a class who make things happen.

Ebonyi state under Arc. Edward Nkwegu as Governor shall be a state where the conduct of government businesses and public life will be handled in line with the rule of law, A dynamic vibrant and strong state of happy people, who live in peace and harmony with one another.

An eventual Labour Party Government under the leadership of Dr. Nkwegu will witness a prosperous state anchored on increased industrialization, Agricultural revolution and strong economy without any space for discrimination in terms of age, sex, religion, ethnicity, political affiliation or social attachment on clan and a state where all will join in patriotic zeal for sustainable development and opportunity for reward of hard work.

His success at the polls in 2023 will ensure good governance and public accountability, economic reforms and heavy investment in rural Development.

Ebonyians, the time is now, secure your future by voting for Arc Dr Edward Nkwegu for Governor and all candidates of Labour Party in Ebonyi

Vote for Labour Party.

From S.N.

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