Nigeria Decides: Celebrities supporting Labour Party that was attacked today at Polling Unit

Nigeria Decides: Celebrities supporting Labour Party that was attacked today at Polling Unit

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A lot of Nigerian celebrities have been attacked in their polling units by thugs. Most of those attacked where supporters of Mr. Peter Obi, the Labour Party presidential candidate.

Here is a list of those attacked.

  1. Chioma Akpotha

Chioma Chukwuka Akpotha, a well-known Nigerian actress, director, and film producer, sobbed after being attacked at her voting booth in Lagos.

Actress claimed she was handled improperly.

Chioma, who was using Instagram live to document the terrifying situation, reported that political thugs had disrupted and dispersed voting machines at her polling place.

“See them. These guys turned everything upside down. So all the Army and police personnel they said they deployed to help us guide our votes, where are they, what are they doing?” She queried.

The voters at the voting place, who were mostly men, can be seen in the video challenging the attackers while others rush frantically for cover.

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2. Kate Henshaw

The Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, has come under fire from Nollywood actress Kate Henshaw for disenfranchising her and 20 other voters in her voting place.

The actress bemoaned not being able to vote in a video posted to her Twitter account because the BVAS claims she is not registered.

Henshaw continued by saying that she discovered her name in both the INEC record and the register on the wall.

She is unable to vote, nevertheless.

She requested a prompt resolution to the issue from the INEC official in Lagos.

The actress also urged international media outlets like the BBC and CNN to pay attention to what is occurring in Nigeria while rebuking INEC for meddling with her future.

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3. Falz

Political thugs attacked renowned Nigerian singer Folarin Falana, often known as Falz the Bad Boy, at his voting location in Lagos.

According to a social media post made by a person going by the name Bello who was present when the incident occurred, the singer was beaten and had his phone taken.

He wrote: “Falz and other voters have just been attacked, and his phone has been stolen at Ikate Lekki. Ballot papers are being torn apart and scattered by the area boys there. They saw the support for the Labour Party and could not take it.

“Emergency services needed right away. Voters that live close to the polling unit have gone back into their homes for safety. They are still seizing people’s phones.”

In another update, Bello wrote: ”My friend just called me right now crying out of fear for these people. The security and police at Ikate must intervene quickly, please.”

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