TOTAL HUMILIATION! See the African president who ordered white men to kneel down before him

TOTAL HUMILIATION! See the African president who ordered white men to kneel down before him

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After the previous president was overthrown by a military coup in 1971, Idi Amin Dada, a dictator in Uganda, seized control of the country. Amin was infamous for his ruthless and erratic behavior while in power, notably how he treated white people.

Despite the fact that black people had long been considered inferior to white people, Amin was able to force them to kneel and bow before him.

The tale of how Idi Amin forced the white people to bow down before him will be discussed in this article.

The Rise of Idi Amin to Power

In 1925, Idi Amin was born in Koboko, Uganda. He enlisted in the Ugandan military in 1946 as a cook and was appointed a lieutenant soon after. Amin was regarded as an accomplished and trustworthy soldier thanks to his ambition and dedication to his superiors.

Amin seized control of Uganda’s government in a military takeover in 1971 and proclaimed himself its leader. He immediately made a name for himself as a cruel tyrant who was not averse to using force and intimidation to keep his position of authority. Human rights abuses, corruption, and poor economic management characterized Amin’s administration.

Treatment of White People by Amin

Amin’s treatment of white people was one of his most infamous policies. Despite the fact that white people and black people had always been seen as inferior to one another, Amin was able to turn the tables and force the whites to bow down to him.

Amin frequently accused white people of being spies and saboteurs because he thought they were plotting against him and his regime. He also thought that many of Uganda’s issues, such as its underdevelopment and poverty, were caused by white people.

Amin made white people bend and bow before him anytime they were in his presence to show his authority over them. Many white people, who had never experienced such treatment before, found this to be a frightening and embarrassing experience.

Amin did not only treat white people in public demonstrations of superiority. Additionally, he went after white-owned companies and properties, which he either nationalized or gave to his allies. This caused a large-scale departure of white people from Uganda, which had disastrous effects on the economy of the nation.

Legacy of Idi Amin

In 1979, a coalition of Tanzanian military and rebels from Uganda toppled Idi Amin, ending his reign. Amin ran away and sought refuge in Saudi Arabia, where he remained until his death in 2003.

Amin still has followers in Uganda who see him as a powerful and charismatic leader who stood up to the West despite his cruel and terrible leadership. However, the majority of Ugandans view him as a despot who caused the destruction of their nation and the deaths of thousands of people.

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