What Ronaldo told me when we first met – Girlfriend opens up

What Ronaldo told me when we first met – Girlfriend opens up

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Celina Locks, the fiancé of Ronaldo Nazario, a legend in Brazilian football, has shared what the Brazilian told her at the start of their relationship.

According to Locks, who spoke with Vogue, the former Brazil striker predicted that she would fall in love with him within two months.

The former Brazil player proposed to Locks on their Caribbean getaway in the Dominican Republic, and the Brazilian football superstar and Locks announced their engagement in January.

They were first seen together in 2015 at the Sao Paulo Vogue Ball after dating for seven years before to that.

She recalled the early days and said she initially thought his prediction was humorous, but everything he predicted actually happened.

“He said I would fall in love in two months. I burst out laughing, but it happened,” she told Vogue.

“It was very special for him to look at me not only as the love of his life, but to exalt me as a woman.”

The two are anticipated to get married later this year, with Spain and Brazil emerging as potential locations.

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