10th Senate: Marcelo Anyigor is the equity Ebonyi South needs now

“I’ll join the forefront of agitations for LG autonomy” – Ebonyi South Senatorial Aspirant

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If he wins the election, Comrade Marcelo Nwaji Anyigor, the All Progressives Congress (APC) senatorial candidate for Ebonyi South, has pledged to be a strong supporter of complete local government autonomy.

In conversations with reporters over the weekend in Abakaliki, the capital of Ebonyi State, he made this commitment.

The prospective senator observed the strength of grassroots leadership and concluded that providing local governments complete autonomy would result in a democratic response to the hinterlands and significant progress toward development throughout the country.

“I, therefore, promise to join the vanguard of agitations for Local Government Autonomy using the instrumentality of the legislative powers of the National Assembly to carry the burdens off the rural dwellers’ necks and make them live good and befitting lives,” Anyigor declared.

He noted that the federation’s local governments’ subordination to the states was the clear cause of the deeply ingrained poverty at the local level.

Further arguing, Anyiogor stated that he thought the poverty wreaking havoc across the country might be eradicated if the third, or most grassroots, layer of government were granted financial independence.

According to him, granting financial autonomy to local governments would also help fight corruption, which is carried out by diverting funds intended for rural residents and by debasing and unfairly manipulating the political system by having governors form caretaker committees rather than electing officials to represent their respective states.

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